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Historical Archaeology in Ollagüe, Chile

Alto Cielo Archaeological Project

Welcome to « Mineros del Alto Cielo: Arqueología Histórica en Ollagüe », a website dedicated to an interdisciplinary research project interested in the study of the mining history of the 20th century in the commune of Ollagüe, Chile.


With an archaeological, an anthropological, an architectural and a historical approach, we seek to preserve this valuable tangible and intangible cultural heritage.


We invite you to visit our page and to leave your comments. If you want to share your experiences or would like to know more about us, contact us at: minerosaltocielo@gmail.com

Objects of everyday life are often considered unimportant. However, they are particularly interesting and allow us to learn more about the mining past and present of Ollagüe.

Abandoned structures such as houses, stores and industrial buildings linked to the exploitation of sulphur testify to the rich and valuable history of Ollagüe.

The past of Ollagüe’s sulphur exploitation comes to us in different ways. Historical documents, press notes and oral testimonies allow us to catch a glimpse of the daily lives of the people that were part of this industry.